Benchmark cells#

class arbor.benchmark_cell#

A benchmarking cell, used by Arbor developers to test communication performance.

benchmark_cell(source, target, schedule, realtime_ratio)#

Construct a benchmark cell with a single built-in source with label source; and a single built-in target with label target. The labels can be used for forming connections from/to the cell in the arbor.recipe by creating a arbor.connection.

A benchmark cell generates spikes at a user-defined sequence of time points:

and the time taken to integrate a cell can be tuned by setting the parameter realtime_ratio.

  • source – label of the source on the cell.

  • target – label of the target on the cell.

  • schedule – User-defined sequence of time points (choose from arbor.regular_schedule, arbor.explicit_schedule, or arbor.poisson_schedule).

  • realtime_ratio – Time taken to integrate a cell, for example if realtime_ratio = 2, a cell will take 2 seconds of CPU time to simulate 1 second.