Arbor GUI


Arbor GUI

Arbor GUI is a comprehensive tool for building single cell models using Arbor. It strives to be self-contained, fast, and easy to use.

  • Design morphologically detailled cells for simulation in Arbor.

  • Load morphologies from SWC .swc, NeuroML .nml, NeuroLucida .asc.

  • Define and highlight Arbor regions and locsets.

  • Paint ion dynamics and bio-physical properties onto morphologies.

  • Place spike detectors and probes.

  • Export cable cells to Arbor’s internal format (ACC) for direct simulation.

  • Import cable cells in ACC format

Get Arbor GUI

Precompiled and self-contained versions for Macos and Linux are available at the same locations at our GitHub Releases page. These versions are self-contained and ready for launch.

To get a feel for the workflow with Arbor-GUI, you can take a look at the tutorial.

The source code is available at GitHub. We welcome bug reports and feature requests, please use the issue tracker on GitHub for making them. Currently, building network simulation is out of scope for this project.